Mr Christos Epaminondas Alexopoulos was born in Patras Hellas. He graduated from St Paul’s School (USA), and studied Government at Harvard(B.A.), Business Administration at Columbia (M.B.A.) and Economic Development at Cambridge.
He has written four books and numerous articles in the most distinguished newspapers and magazines of his country.
For many years, he worked as a consultant to the Hellenic Ministry of Finance in international economic relations and as a senior financial advisor to the american investment bank Merrill Lynch. He has also collaborated, as an independent professional, with various hellenic brokerage houses and foreign banks in the field of private banking and portfolio management.
He is married to the lawyer Maria Dimitriou, has two children—Stathis & Alkistis—and lives in Kifissia, where he keeps his personal office of financial services.
As a young writer, he initiated an international campaign for the restoration of the identity of hellenism through the promotion of the national name Hellenic in the place of the adjective greek.His efforts were rewarded with editorials in the New York Times & International Herald Tribune. But most importantly, by the change in the passports.
One of the aims of the book “Goodbye Greece, Hello Hellas” is its successful completion with the official establishment internationally of the noun Hellas, too. Not only symbolically, but also literally via a peaceful, revolutionary, renaissance for the new, independent, ecumenical (Hellenistic) course advocated after the bankruptsy of the present Athens-centric, West-dependent, underdeveloped greek state.
Professionally, he would like to offer his services for the creation of a national wealth fund ‘Hellas’, with the purpose of reducing the onerous debt and securing the pensions of the poor people.
In this spirit, he intends to donate half of the profits from the sales of the book to the philanthropic mission of the Hellenic Orthodox Church.

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